Autumn Skin Changes

Well, as the last few days of summer approach us, it's time to talk about fall skin care.


With the change in weather, sometimes our skin has a big shock, and for others it changes more gradually. While it gets colder, the skin can become more dry, and with less sun, usually more dull. Expect to fell rougher skin and more clogged pores. 

Now we know you want help with keeping fresh and looking good. There ARE ways to help this process and transition be more manageable. 

The most important step is, water. The more water you drink, the better your skin will look and feel. It helps hold the moisture in the pores and stay hydrated. Water intake will be the base of all the rest of these steps, and how well they work. 

You will want to wash your face before these next steps, but always use a gentle face soap. (You do not want to exfoliate the face and cause damage or strip away the natural oils.)

Now, you need to add a moisturizer to the face and lotion to the body. Another good step to help the body is in the shower. Use an exfoliator to shed the dry and dead layer of skin.

If you have oily or combination skin then I still suggest using our hydration potion with your moisturizer for help. On the other-hand, those of you with dry skin, our Rescue Potion is perfect for the upcoming months. It is oil-based! (Dry skin lacks moisture already and will need oil to smooth and hydrate.)


After you've gotten the bases and exfoliator down, the rest is up to your preferences. You should use lotion for your body (obviously), which we do have an amazing body lotion available! If you maintain a beard, keep it oiled. If you do a clean shave, go ahead and add whatever other steps your face may need. 


Enjoy your Autumn season, we hope your skin looks as amazing as you feel. 

Let us know if there's a favorite Zingari Man product you use for fall, or what we left out that you use in your routine!


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