Good hygiene helps your gypsy soul live free to explore new adventures and experiences– while looking and feeling your best. 

Heather Melton is the Artisan behind all the amazing products here at Zingari; with several years of experience formulating and creating highly sought-after skin treatments, lotions, creams, for hydrating and daily skin care. Zingari has successfully branded itself as having some of the top-rated shaving artisan products on the market.  Heather takes great pride in her work with extensive research, testing and proven methods to ensure your best shaves will be a result of her top shelf products. Heather is a Certified Cosmetic Formulator through the hand-crafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild as well.

Zingari only offers products in which have been proven to work and are believed in and trusted by many. We strive to be the best in offering the skin care we all deserve and need. We hope you find something to make your skin care a pleasurable and healthier experience and let us know if we can help you on your journey to healthier skin or wet shaving!

Values & Beliefs
Working towards unity and acceptance by respecting different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles.