Go Green With Traditional Shaving This Earth Day

This year, Earth Day marks 51 years of drawing attention to environmental issues that need to be addressed. Since its creation, Earth Day has grown to be the largest civic event on the planet.

A growing awareness against plastic waste has drawn attention to disposable products like razors and refill blade cartridges. They are often non-recyclable because they are sharp objects made of mixed materials, and most municipal recycling programs in the United States will not accept them.

Because of this (and the expense of these items), more people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint through traditional shaving. So, what are the green benefits of traditional wet shaving?

Reduction of Plastic Waste

Disposable razors and the packaging that they come in are often non-recyclable. The Environmental Protection Agency once estimated that 2 billion razors and refill blades get tossed out in the U.S. each year.

With traditional shaving, you only need to purchase one razor handle that will far outlast the plastic alternatives. And, plain razor blades are recyclable, which means the razor blade refills you purchase for your razor can be recycled once used.

Shaving creams often come in aerosol cans which are also non-recyclable. Aerosol cans are often regulated as hazardous waste when discarded because the propellant in them can be flammable. According to the EPA, they can account for nearly 40% of retail items that are managed as hazardous waste at large retail facilities.

The tubs that shaving soaps come in are recyclable. Whether you repurpose the jars to hold something else or send them to the recycler, they are a much greener alternative to their aerosol counterparts.

Cost Savings

Once you purchase the brush and razor, the only repeat purchase you have is soap and blades. The brush and razor handles themselves last for years.

While the initial investment into traditional wet shaving may be a little more costly, the annual cost of traditional refills is significantly less than that of mass-market products found in drug stores.

Take a look at this analysis that compares popular mass-market shaving products to traditional wet shaving products (based on average retail prices from reputable online vendors):

Mass-Market Shaving Traditional Shaving
Cartridge razor with 1 blade - $10
Safety razor with 1 blade - $50
1 pack of blades (qty: 12) - $34
1 pack of blades (qty: 100) - $12
Shaving gel (7 oz.) - $6
Shaving soap (5 oz.) - $22
Aftershave (3 oz.) - $5
Aftershave (4 oz.) - $17
Shaving brush - $30
Initial purchase total: $54
Initial purchase total: $131
5x packs of cartridges - $170
1 pack of blades - $12
 11x shaving gel cans - $66
3x shaving soap jars - $66
3x aftershaves - $15
3x aftershaves - $51
Refill total: $252
Refill total: $129
 Grand total after 1 year: $306
Grand total after 1 year: $260


From these numbers, you can see that the initial investment into traditional shaving is significantly more than the alternative. Traditional shavers must purchase a beginner shaving brush and a quality double-edge safety razor, which can be significant up-front costs. Both of these can be purchased from a selection of razors and brushes ranging from inexpensive to connoisseur products.

These numbers also show that after the initial investment, the non-traditional shaver is going to spend over $100 more per year for refills than the traditional shaver. These high costs come from refill cartridge blades and shaving gels/creams that do not last as long as shaving soaps that traditional shavers use.

Get Started Today

Beyond the benefits of a smooth shave with little-to-no skin irritation, traditional wet shaving is good for the environment and your wallet, as well.

At Zingari Man, our goal is for our products to make every customer’s skin-care routine both a healthier experience and a pleasure. Browse our collections of shaving soaps and after shave balms to get started on the adventure of traditional wet shaving today!

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