Is Wet Shaving Better For Your Skin?

Razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritated skin are all results of a poor shaving experience. They are some of the most common complaints that men have about shaving. If you’re using commercial shaving products and know those results all too well, traditional wet shaving may be the answer to your problems.

To help you understand the full benefits of traditional shaving and how it can eliminate the problems you’ve had in the past, we’re breaking it down by its essential components.

Shaving Soap

When looking at shaving soap, you’ll probably find that the ingredients are superior when compared to commercial, drug-store shaving products. They are often higher quality, natural, and much more friendly to your skin.

Canned shaving creams often have ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), Parabens, fragrance, Triethanolamine, and half a dozen other chemicals that are harmful to your skin. SLS and SLES are lathering agents that are known skin irritants. It’s necessary for manufacturers to include this ingredient because it helps the cream come out of the can - otherwise it would just come out as gel instead of foam.

Parabens are used to inhibit microbial growth, but they are known estrogen mimickers and have been found in breast cancer tissue. Cheap fragrances are harmful, as well. Triethanolamine is an agent that holds the oils and water together and is a known irritant with potential carcinogenic effects.

There’s an environmental downside to commercial shaving creams, as well. Shaving creams often come in aerosol cans which are also non-recyclable. Aerosol cans are often regulated as hazardous waste when discarded because the propellant in them can be flammable. According to the EPA, they can account for nearly 40% of retail items that are managed as hazardous waste at large retail facilities. Traditional wet shaving products, on the other hand, do not include any of these ingredients except for fragrance. And, often, the fragrance is from natural sources. It also includes beneficial ingredients such as shea butter, lanolin, coconut oil, and more. When combined with a shaving brush, shave soap creates a luxurious lather that softens hair, protects skin, and lubricates the razor - all leading to a more enjoyable shave with a better result. Check out our line of shaving soaps here.

Shaving Brush & Razor

A brush is something that will last several years with good care. If you choose to use a shaving soap, you’ll want to use a brush that has firmer bristles in order to pull up more of the soap. Whether you choose a brush made from boar hair, badger hair, or synthetic hair, it will bring amazing qualities to your skin. As you lather on your face, the brush gently exfoliates and helps to release trapped hairs (minimizing ingrown hairs).

Disposable razors can lead to skin irritation, nicks & cuts, and an overall tedious process. Shave soaps combined with straight or safety razors allow you to get a close, smooth shave while simultaneously moisturizing your skin. This can reduce or virtually eliminate skin irritation. With traditional shaving, you only need to purchase one razor handle that will far outlast the plastic alternatives. And, plain razor blades are recyclable, which means the razor blade refills you purchase for your razor can be recycled once used.

A straight razor can look intimidating, but it is far less irritating (and far more enjoyable) than disposable razors with multiple blades. Or, you can opt for a safety razor, which can be a less intimidating option. With these, you have the option of experimenting with different blades until you find the ones you like best.

Aftershave (and Post-Care in General)

There are an abundance of options to soothe your skin and close your pores after shaving. A good aftershave will soothe and moisturize your skin in order to prevent skin irritation.

Our after shave balm repairs hydrates and leaves your skin feeling amazing after getting that freshly shaved face. It’s made with allantoin and witch hazel to help your skin recover and look and feel it’s best. White willow bark extract has been added for an extra revitalizing punch of astringent and antioxidants. Finished off with meadowfoam, oat, and jojoba oils for lightweight moisture.

If you like lighter moisture than the balm, our recovery splash may be the right option for you. It’s alcohol-free and sure-to-please, and it will leave your freshly shaven face feeling refreshed and cared-for without leaving it dry, dull, or unpleasantly tight. The Recovery Splash is more lightweight than our other post-care products, but never fear: the expert blends of oils and esters that make our products so hydrating, long-lasting, and clean-feeling are in as healthy supply here as ever.

Find Products You Love

Once you find products you love, you’re going to have the best shaving experience possible. Our shaving soap is top of the food chain and will perform during your shaving ritual as well as hours afterward.

Our formulas are made with expertise and care with your skin health as our main concern. Browse our collection of wet shaving products now - your skin will thank you!

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