Updates and Sneak Peaks of 2024!

Firstly, welcome to 2024! We wanted to thank you all for starting off another year with Zingari Man. 

Zingari Man Updates

Last year in 2023, Heather (the big boss), took a class that included training in entrepreneurship specifically designed for the executives of small businesses with high growth potential, as well as the opportunity to develop connections with peers and work with business experts. 

In Indiana, only twenty-three people are selected for this course, but every state also has its own set of people in the class. Everyone enrolled must take the course at the same time and complete it at the same time. Heather worked many extra hours to successfully finish the program. And she did! Congratulations to Heather and Zingari Man for this huge achievement!

Second important update, this month marks the official 10 years since Heather started Smitten Soapery. Smitten Soapery was what Zingari Man used to be before Heather found her niche! This leads us to our next topic... What's to come!

What's to Come

To celebrate 10 years, we are planning to rerelease some of the original products and scents for men AND women. 
There will be women's gift sets of a bath bar, 4oz body scrub, 4 oz scented lotion, and a lip balm. This could be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day, just saying!
Scents: The Libertine, The Gypsy, The Goddess, The Muse
Men's releases include the scents: Morningwood, Big Daddy, Troubadour, The Traveler, Hipster. Some will be shave soap and after-shave balm, some may be made into bath soap!
Plus, a rerelease of the Nourishing Body Drops (an after-shower body oil) and a SHORT rerelease of the Foaming Wash.
ALSO coming SOON- NEW Cleansing Clay Bar and The Highlander and The Amir in Bath Bars.


Coming up events-wise: Maggard Razors Meet Up 2024 is scheduled for April 20th, 2024. Be sure to get your tickets when they go on sale!


Old photos of some up-and-coming rereleases:







big daddy shave soap.jpg

glowing body drops.jpg

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