Winter Weather and Skin Changes

January is here, which means we are in the midst of winter! It is a busy month of hustle, bustle, work, and hanging with friends. So, it is important to have good skin, not only does this help your body to feel healthy but it also allows for a confidence boost while taking on the New Year. 

Weather Change & Skin

As winter progresses, it's good to talk about its effect on the skin.

"As temperatures drop, so does the moisture content in your skin. This can lead to a winter rash" (McDermott, 2019). Now, not everyone ends up with the worst of the worst, a winter rash. YET, most people do feel the dullness in their skin, the lessen of shine, skin becoming tough and being less hydrated. 

Do not fret though, we have some tips on what can help prevent AND fix these problems (including even a winter rash!)


Prevention & Care


The more hydrated you are, the better your skin will look and feel. Our skin is the largest organism of our bodies. Water feeds, rejuvenates, and brightens that skin helping it keep from drying and cracking. 

Second, is healthy eating! Fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, teas and good oils like avocado and olive oil help provide nutrients that your body and SKIN need to feel good (Davison, 2021).

Third, exfoliate. If you exfoliate your face and body in the shower, it breaks up the dead skin cells and helps new skin to surface. Basically, you are like a lizard or a snake in this way, shedding off the old so the shiny new can be seen. This step is easier, for it only requires to be done once a week or as needed. 

Next, you will need to moisturize and apply lotion after showering (and whenever you feel your skin is drier). You can moisturize your face either in the morning, at night, or both if you have the "golden skin care routine" that the rest of us wish we had. That could be a New Year's Resolution for the rest of us, but if that seems too daunting then once a day is better than not at all. 

for your daily lotion Zingari Man does have an unscented body lotion that is light and great for moisturizing your body.

Those were all of our prevention tips...

For the times that the winter hits our skin too harshly, we have care tips as well.

You can use a deeper hydrating & penetrating body creme like Zingari Man Sego Hand and Body Rescue.  

This helps really dull, dry and cracking skin! 

For more moisture our Rescue Potion also is great for the winter because it is an oil based serum-like potion for the face, however you can also combine a pump or two into your palm with your lotion to help the arms and legs.

Lastly, for those who have sensitive skin or just really don't fair well with the cold, is ZM Skin Rescue. This product can help heal winter rashes and cracked skin heal faster. (Another insider tip, try putting it on your heals and feet with socks before bed, you'll wake up with smooth feet again)



Let us know what you use for the winter, what happens to your skin, and if you use any of our products to save the day!





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