Zingari Man

Konjac face sponge

$4.50 USD

Konjac sponges are a plant base sponge that is terrific for face usage!  Konjac has been used in Asia for centuries.  The sponge will dry out in between uses.  Simply place the sponge in water for a minute and viola super soft and puffy.  If you have dry skin you can just use the sponge for a light cleaning.  This is something I do often in the winter or if my skin is irritated.

To use, soak sponge for a moment in water to hydrate.  Apply face cleanser to the sponge and apply to the face in a circular motion making strokes that are upward and outward-never pull down on the facial skin.  There is a string attached and we highly recommend hanging the sponge to dry in between uses 

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