Zingari Man

The Socialite Extrait

$7.95 USD

A man stands among friends at an evening dinner party. His charm is enchanting. His style, fresh and striking. Holding an ice cold drink, he kicks back and takes a sip. The freshness of lime, the botanicals of gin, and the deep bittersweet of tonic mirror his own complex but easy-to-love personality. Crisp and cool, this fragrance is paired with chilling koolada in our cooling aftershave and our first ever cooling soap! With just a hint of booze, this fresh and sweet scent is evocative of gin and tonic and the man who might enjoy one among friends: The Socialite.

Top notes: Lime, Seltzer, Ice

Mid notes: Juniper, Herbs

Base notes: Gin, Wormwood, Musk

50ml glass frosted bottle with pump sprayer

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