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Vegan bath bars

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Treat your skin right with our mild soap that will help keep your skin healthy and smelling fresh while on the road.  This vegan blend featuring Olive oil, cocoa butter and avocado oil will leave you soft and clean.

Scent options:

Goddess: Woodsy blend of Sandalwood, Lavender, Vanilla

Enchantress: Fresh, clean and light blend of Red tea, currant and musk

Libertine: Refreshing, sweet and awakening blend of Spearmint, Grapefruit

Muse: Fresh blend of Jasmine, sea, and sea grass

Prophet: Warm and sweet blend of spices, orange, tonka, vanilla

Traveler: All natural blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, lime

Troubadour: amber, bergamot and geranium

Morningwood: All natural blend of cedarwood, amyris and lavender

Hipster: All natural blend of dark patchouli, lavender and a hint of orange.

Stud Muffin: All natural blend of Fir, Patchouli, orange, cinnamon and clove

Big Daddy:  Bourbon and sandalwood blend


Ingredients: Olive oil, Rice bran oil,  Water, Palm oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil

NOTE: Some scents will come in a box and others are naked and wrapped

4oz bar

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