Birthday Celebration!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. This year looked a lot different for most of us and our celebrations were likely smaller but 2020 has shown the importance of family and those closest to you.

Some of you may know this if you have followed me for a while, but today is my birthday!  Let me tell you, birthday the day after Christmas is not the best time! So, what I like to do is have a big sale! Yup that is right.  You may also notice I do not really do sales even for BF.  But starting at 12 CST everything on the site except for gift cards will be 20% off through Sunday 12/27!  Everything!  Including the Watchman extrait, the ZM/Grizzly Bay Brushes and what Magician products remain.  If you did not catch the announcement, Magician will be discontinued due to a component of the scent no longer being offered.

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