Holiday Season has officially begun!

Thursday through Cyber Monday every order will receive a free lip balm.  Let me tell you, if you think the after shave balm is good wait until you try the lip balm!  Every needs soft lips to prepare for kissing under the mistletoe this season!

Each order through Monday will also receive a scratch off card with a code to me used on future purchase.  They will vary between 10-25% off and free shipping

We will have hand sanitizers and all orders over $100 will get one FREE!

Free shipping on all orders over $75 from Thursday through Monday

Now for Small business Saturday. I am very excited to announce that Will at Barrister Mann and I have teamed up to bring you Nocturne!  This will be in my new vegan base.  There was a minor tweak to the formula from Duo to help with density and fragrance strength.  There will be a matching recovery splash as well. This is a special release as it will also be a fundraiser for a friend, Kyle also known as u/not_a_robot_101 .  Most of you know and have admired his talents on the creative labels he designs for many including my very own NO 1, The essentials and The Healers. $5 from every product sold on my site will be donated to his scholarship in the Live like Jake foundation in honor of his son Everette.  His specific scholarship helps provide ISR to under privileged families in Texas and children of the US Coast Guard families.  There will be available at Maggard’s as well.  You can donate directly as well here. Nocturne will release Saturday 12 CST.



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