Laboratory Professionals Week: Zingari Man Appreciation

This week is an opportunity to spread awareness of the crucial role that laboratory professionals play in healthcare and to show our appreciation for their steadfast passion and commitment to delivering correct and timely laboratory results that have a positive impact on patient care.

-  With the exception of the phlebotomists who collect the samples, most laboratory staff members are unseen to the general public. However, laboratory testing is essential for doctors to make a diagnosis, administer treatment, and oversee your health. They make diagnoses for diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, infections, and a lot more.

We at Zingari Man know just how important these health professionals are! Our creator and boss, Heather Melton, has laboratory background working in hospitals.

Before starting the bizz, Heather gathered her skills in the lab. 

- Heather has worked in various types of laboratory settings including small physician owned labs, pharmaceutical research and in hospitals from small county centers to the 2nd ranked hospital in the state of Indiana (deaconess). AND has worked in various departments within these including blood bank (matching blood products for transfusion), chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and urinalysis.

- Heather has been a member and certified through ASCP (american society for clinical pathology) since 2003.

She now uses these related abilities to perfect her soap-making. "I firmly believe that my laboratory education and experience has been a big factor in why I love what I do now. It has a huge impact on how I formulate, document and my strict nature of following the rules and safety first-like following IFRA guidelines. "

- Heather Melton


Thank you to those who work hard keeping us informed on our health! 

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