The Maggard's Meetup

 Hi Friends,

     Recently Heather took Zingari on the road! She and her husband Mike had a booth at the Maggard Razors Meet-Up. Maggard Razors is a shop that sells traditional wet-shave products in Michigan. And, is one of our US Retailers, meaning you can purchase our products in person! The meet-up is usually held once a year for the vendors (including Zingari) to sell new releases, give away samples/prizes, and meet friends/customers. However, this was the first meet-up in two years due to Covid-19, and it was really exciting getting to go back.

    At the meet-up, Zingari Man did an exclusive release of our newest scent collab with Rogue, Bon Monsieur. Those who attended got first pick at buying the release prior to our online release. They also received a goody bag of samples and had the opportunity to buy our new ZM Hats.

    Heather said that she had a wonderful time seeing new and old faces and wanted to share some photos with the rest of you!

Heather in front of Maggard Razors:

The Zingari Man table set-up, Mike and Heather (AKA Mr. and Mrs. Zingari): 

 More from the trip (some photos are from visiting The Razor Company as well): 


    Overall, Heather and Mike had a wonderful time seeing new and familiar faces! Thanks to all who stopped by, we can't wait to see you again. For more upcoming opportunities to see Zingari Man in-person, be sure to follow all of our socials. Hope to see you next time!

- Love, Zingari 


Here is a cool video of the vendors and their thoughts on what's new to the shaving community. 

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