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At Zingari we have had an amazing year.  Your continued support has allowed me to move to being a full time business owner and for that I am incredibly thankful.  So, as a thank you we are having our biggest BFCM deals ever.


Black Friday to Cyber Monday specials here! 

The specials start on Friday 8 am CST and end Monday at midnight 

All Orders will receive a scratch card.  Scratch off to reveal your gift.  This can be anything from a free item with next purchase to a discount or free shipping. 

Skincare bundle is 20% off-this is a set of rescue potion and hydration potion 

FREE ½ oz mini-Unscented after shave balm 

Purchase a brush and receive a FREE shave brush cleaner 

Summer scents 30% off  Including The Socialite, The Wanderer, The Navigator and The Essentials. 

20% off Beard products  

FREE soap net with purchase of 4 bars of soap 

Purchases over $75 will receive a FREE parker hand sanitizer 

FREE shipping on orders over $150.00 (US only) use code BFCM2021 


And finally, we will be releasing The Traditionalist products.  This is a sandalwood forward scent brought to life by the talented Shawn Maher.  We will also be releasing the much-awaited Blackwood shave soap and recovery splash.  This is a fantastic scent made by Rirana Parfume, the same perfume house that brought us Coconut Nanas.  We have a 3 pack of samples from Rirana that will be dropped into a random order containing Blackwood set.


There is no need to add the free items to your order they will be given automatically. 

*All free items are while supplies last-I don’t suspect running out 



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free shipping over $150 doesn’t work with that code

John Andreas November 26, 2021

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