The Most Common Mistakes New Wet-Shavers Make

You’ve probably heard (or seen) raving reviews that have touted the benefits of traditional wet shaving. Shaving with natural products and a single blade can undoubtedly change your entire shaving experience.

But, despite being enthusiastic about your first wet shave, you may have come out disappointed with the result. It may take a few practices to get the hang of the techniques required for a traditional shave, but the results can be extremely rewarding if you persevere through the initial training period.

To help speed up that process, we’ve put together a list of the 4 most common mistakes new wet shavers make so that you can identify where you might need to improve.

1 - Applying too much pressure

If you have used (or are currently using) a modern cartridge razor, you know that they’re made up of multiple blades housed in plastic. This cartridge prevents the blades from sticking out so that you can have a quick, easy shave without having to think about it.

For a cartridge razor to be effective, it needs to sit flat on the skin. Which works for your cheeks but it might skip over hairs everywhere else. It can be extremely frustrating to shave over an area & find that multiple hairs weren’t cut. You’ll find yourself pressing harder to get the missed areas - and this is where the most common bad habit starts.

When you make the switch to a double edge razor, you may find yourself still wanting to press it against your face to make sure you don’t miss anything. But, double edge razors have their blade exposed a lot more than a cartridge razor does, giving you much more control over the angle. This means you don’t need to press it against your face at all, as doing so can cause irritation & stress to the skin.

If you’re just starting to learn how to use a double edge safety razor and you’re having trouble with irritation, this can be the number one technique you need to focus on. Try holding the razor up to your face and letting it rest against your cheek. That is all the pressure that is required. If you’ve properly prepped your beard, the razor should practically fall through the hairs.

2 - Long, quick shaving passes

Another bad habit that modern razor cartridges can teach is to rush through shaves & take long passes with the razor. But, this is the easiest way to cut yourself and leave your skin sore & irritated.

Just as with cartridge razors, double edge razors can get clogged with too much hair, making it difficult to shave efficiently. This can cause the blade to skip over hairs and nick the skin when taking long passes.

Taking shorter passes and rinsing the blade regularly ensures that it maintains a consistent angle for each pass. This results in fewer hairs missed, a closer shave, less irritation, and less chance to cut yourself.

We know what you’re thinking - won’t that take longer? Yes and no. If you’re first learning, it’s recommended to take it slow anyway. Once you’ve got the knack, you’ll find shaving this way isn’t as slow as it seems. You rarely have to go over the same spot twice when using a double edge razor, making for a far more efficient shave.

3 - Shaving against the grain

Irritation is common when first learning this style of shaving. When you’re first starting out, your technique will be a little rough and your shave may not be as smooth. This is completely normal!

Consider shaving against the grain completely off the table while first learning. If you want a really smooth shave, you should shave from multiple angles getting a closer shave each time.

4 - Not prepping

If you find that your biggest complaint is the razor tugging at your hair when shaving, you might assume that your blade isn’t sharp enough. Whether or not you have a thick beard, it might be more likely that you just haven’t prepped your face for a comfortable shave.

Shaving after a shower or wetting your beard with a wet, hot towel is the best way to open up your pores and saturate the hair with water to make it soft. This will make it a lot easier to cut through and eliminate a lot of uncomfortable tugging and irritation.

If your first few shaves have left you troubled or discouraged, don’t be! It may take a little time to settle into a wet shaving routine and technique. Finding the right products can help you along the way.

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