What is After Shave Balm and Why Should You Use it?

One of the most common items in a man’s skincare routine is an aftershave product. From gels to lotions to creams, there is a dizzying amount of options to choose from.

But what does aftershave do and why is it different than any other moisturizer?

The Different Types of After Shave

Since it’s used after a shave, all of the different products are commonly referred to as “aftershave”. But there are actually a few different types:

Aftershave Splash - Aftershave splashes are lightly scented astringents that are splashed onto freshly shaved skin. Some aftershave splashes are known for leaving skin dry & tight, but our recovery splashes do just the opposite.

Aftershave balm/lotion - Aftershave balms or lotions help to soothe inflamed skin and speed up the recovery process after shaving. Lotions typically have a thinner consistency due to having a lower content of alcohol in them. Aftershave balms have a richer consistency that is more hydrating and doesn’t sting the skin when applied.

Do I Need a Post-Shave Balm? What is a Post-Shave Balm For?

If you’ve ever been left with sore and irritated skin after a shave, you’ve probably searched for anything to relieve it. A post-shave balm is the best treat for your skin after a shave. They’re specifically designed to soothe irritated skin and & aid in the healing process.

Even if you have a comfortable shave, there can be thousands of tiny micro-abrasions that occur on the top layer of your skin. That’s why we recommend using an aftershave balm after every shave, even if you don’t feel any skin irritation. It helps ensure that you have comfortable shaves every day.

Why is Post-Shave Balm Different From Regular Moisturizer?

There are some commonalities between moisturizers and balms, but they are very different products. Moisturizers are meant for hydrating and softening the skin to help keep it in its best condition long-term. Aftershave balms are for soothing and healing the skin in the short term. The ingredients in aftershave balms are more focused on immediate relief.

Some balms include ingredients to hydrate the skin, as well. These can be ingredients like:

  • Meadowfoam Oil to replace moisture
  • Oat oil to provide ceramides that are ultra-hydrating, softening, and leaves a silky feel to your skin.

Zingari Man’s aftershave balm includes both of these ingredients and is made using an alcohol-free formula.

How much Post-Shave Balm Should You Use?

It can be tempting to slather your skin in aftershave balm, but less is more. Aftershave balms aren’t an instant cure, so they won’t make a bad case of irritated skin disappear instantly. But, it will lessen the severity of the symptoms and speed up the healing process.

Apply just enough balm to ease the affected area. A small amount (like the size of a pea) is usually sufficient.

Where do I find post-shave balm?

You can find it here. And, while you’re there, check out our other skincare and wet shaving products. Your skin will thank you!

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